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FAQs – The Cake Makers Register

1. Why Should You Choose ‘The Cake Makers Register’?

If you are a cake shop, there is no better place online than The Cake Makers Register to help your business getting noticed by a wider clientele base.

2. What makes The Cake Makers Register a leading business directory site for birthday cakes and wedding cake shops in the UK?

We only deal with original listings. We review all shops listed with us and only include those in our directory that offer genuine and quality services. Every listing on our site is of premium quality with its individual page link or URL. The unique features (category-based listing option, industry-specificness) of the web portal makes The Cake Makers Register a perfect place online to submit the business offering birthday cakes and wedding cakes in the UK. 

3. Do I need to have a website already to get listed in ‘The Cake Makers Register’? 

No. Cake Makers can just register with us enlisting the business details such as the name of the cake shop, its location, opening hours, price charts and whatever you want your clients to know.

4. Are The Cake Makers Register free for registration?

If a registrant chooses the Free listing option, then it won’t cost anything during registration. However, the Premium version charges an amount that you will get to know during registration.

5. How does updating all the information help me?

It protects your prospective customers from coming across outdated business details which is of no use anymore. Keeping the Service information updated offers the cake makers a reliable and trustworthy appearance.

6. What are the details that are required for registration?

We only ask for NAP details (businesses name, address and phone number).

7. What are the charges for registration?

You can go for the free version or can take up the paid version which will cost a little that you will get to know once you click on the Premium option.

8. Which information should we provide for the listing?

Just give us the name of your cake shop, its address and contact information during listing with The Cake Makers Register.

9. Who are the Readers?

People all over the UK use web directories to search for whatever they need. If someone is searching for bakery shops in the UK, they will instantly get hold of the names listed with us. Our visitors are the ones who read the information offered. People who regularly visit us to find a suitable wedding cake and birthday cakes are readers of your business details.

10. What is a local listing?

A local business listing is an online portfolio consisting of details about your cake shop offering birthday and wedding cakes, such as its name, address, phone number, hours, and other information. 

11. Do I need to have any technical knowledge for listing my website in the directory?

No. Just manually including the business details on the web portal is enough to successfully claim your online listing.

12. What is the difference between local listing and directory submission?

With the high density of different online listing sites, businesses often confuse between a local listing and a directory submission. Though these two seem similar, there are a few subtle differences which a business should know before joining any one of them.

  • Business listing sites only add NAP details after verification whereas directory submissions don’t focus on a verification process.
  • Business listing sites involve important business information such as an address, contact number, working hours and others whereas directory submissions only add a website title along with a description.
  • Business listing sites hold more value than a generic directory submission on a random website.

13. Why “The Cake Makers Register”?

  • Only verified listings
  • Carefully optimised sites
  • Premium quality sites
  • You get the best service providers in your industry

14. What is the purpose of this web directory?

The goal of this web directory is to offer reach and customer engagement to the businesses registered with us. Companies listed in our web directory get a plethora of customers to whom they can cater to.

15. Why is it necessary to keep the listing updated?

Offering the right information when customers visit your bakery service website through the listing offered in our web directory helps you to enjoy increased customer reach/online visibility. Giving them outdated email ID or contact number is of no use and your business will miss out on an active lead.

16. Why should the businesses’ information be updated on a regular basis?

Updating business information at a regular interval helps you keep a comprehensive track of the leads. If someone searches for the wedding cake and calls a number that is no longer in use, then you lose a valuable lead which is the least desirable for any business.

17. What is the information I need to provide for listing?

  • Business name
  • Contact number
  • Website URL
  • Senior contact person
  • Email address
  • Address of the store